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GTT-OMS925BP Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice (Drop-cable To Drop-cable)

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Fiber Optic Mechanical Splice is a high performance, cost effective, mechanical fiber optic splice that is reusable and easy to install for emergency or permanent installations. The splice features a patented glass capillary alignment tube, pre-loaded with index matching gel, to allow inspection of fiber location during installation. Additionally, the collet locking nuts allow users to tune and secure the fiber for optimum alignment and retention.


Technical Parameters



Applicable for

3.1 x 2.0 mm dropcable

Optical fiber diameter

125μm ( 657A & 657B )

Tight buffer diameter

250μm & 900μm

Applicable mode

single & multimode

Operation time

about 30s (without fiber cut)

Insert loss

≤ 0.15dB1310nm & 1550nm

Return loss

≤ -45dB

Success rate


Reusability times


Fastening strength of naked fiber

>5 N

Clamping force of fiber with tight buffer

>8 N

Tensile strength

>50 N

Using temperature


On-line tensile strength)

IL ≤ 0.2dB

Mechanical durability (500 times)

IL ≤ 0.2dB

Drop off test

IL ≤ 0.2dB


Relevant solutions:

l  The dropcable connects to ONU directly in FTTH, the tensile strength is more than 5KG, especially applicable for network upgrading, fiber optic project reinstruction. It reduces one socket with an adapter, not only reduce the cost, but also be easy to operate.

l  Can be matched with pigtail (SCFCLCST and etc )

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